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November 18-20, 2022

Friday, November 18th, 2pm - 8pm

Saturday, November 19th, 10am - 5pm

Sunday, November 20th, 10am - 4pm

Beban Park, Nanaimo, BC

JLee Creations is so excited to announce the addition of Art-a-fair to our Christmas Craft Shows roster!


I have been looking for a venue to expand my shows into for awhile now. Sadly, Kris Kringle Craft Market will no longer open it's doors. Veronica, the Kringle Queen, passed away in the spring. She was the heart and soul behind the Kris Kringle Craft Market and loved to create a magical Christmas experience for everyone. While my contact with Veronica was limited over the years, she was always kind and generous. Her market was indeed a Christmas extravaganza and enjoyed by many. It is the end of an era - she will be sorely missed. (Please Visit Judy Stephan's Voyager Magazine Nanaimo to read a lovely write up about Veronica.)

With the news of Veronica's passing, I really thought long and hard about starting Art-a-fair. There was going to be a big hole for our artists and artisans to fill and I want to help them by taking this on. I am really hoping that Veronica's artists and artisans will join me in this not so small endeavor to create a new craft fair Kris Kringle's customers to continue to enjoy. While the fair may not be Kris Kringle, there will definitely be a little Kringle mixed in for all to experience!

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