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supporting ourWest Coastartisans

Quite simply, art and craft enrich our lives. They add color, texture and pleasure to the ordinary. The human element is added by our talented artists and artisans, each piece lovingly created with care and attention. When customers come to JLee Creation's First & Last Christmas Craft Shows, they are treated to meeting the artists and artisans who have created handmade gifts for the consumer and/or their loved ones. Each piece is unique in it's own way and has a story locked away in it's creation to be held and cherished by it's new owner. It is the hand crafted gifts we receive that we treasure the most. They warm your heart and bring you joy!

Please join us in the celebration of our many talented artists & artisans at First & Last Chance Christmas Craft Shows. Details will be follow soon! In the meantime, enjoy the summer months and check back often for further information.

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